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Junk Removal

What happens with all your old Junk? We do our best to recycle, re-use, and donate whenever we can.  The Rubbish, Garbage, Trash, and Clutter we take away does not always have to end up in a landfill!  We are passionate about limiting the damage to the environment. You can feel good about doing the Eco-Friendly thing when you work with Cowichan Removal.  We partner with local charities and recycle as much as possible.  Take comfort in the fact that we’re 100% Licensed and Insured.

25 Cowichan Removal Junk Removal.jpg
junk pickup truck
Pickup Truck (2.8 yd3)

​​This is our smallest vehicle.  Great for small clean-ups and single item pick ups!

dump trailer for junk removal
6x12 Dump Trailer (8.8 yd3)

This unit can hold 3x as much as the pickup.  Great for larger or heavier items.​​

junk pickup services

T&T Combo (11.6 yd3)
For the bigger Jobs!!​​  You would be surprised how much we can fit in this.  Tetris really paid off!!

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